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Publications of the group and previous publications of its head Ralph G. Andrzejak

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Journal Article
Andrzejak RG, Rummel C, Mormann F, Schindler K.  2016.  All together now: Analogies between chimera state collapses and epileptic seizures. Scientific Reports. 6:23000.
Naro D, Rummel C, Schindler K, Andrzejak RG.  2014.  Detecting determinism with improved sensitivity in time series: Rank-based nonlinear predictability score. Phys. Rev. E. 90:032913. NaroEtAlPhysRevE2014.pdf (350.87 KB)
Schindler K, Rummel C, Andrzejak RG, Goodfellow M, Zubler F, Abela E, Wiest R, Pollo C, Steimer A, Gast H.  2016.  Ictal time-irreversible intracranial EEG signals as markers of the epileptogenic zone. Clinical neurophysiology. 127:3051–3058.
Andrzejak RG, Olivier D, Gnatkovsky V, Wendling F, Bartlomei F, Francione S, Kahane P, Schindler K, de Curtis M.  2015.  Localization of epileptogenic zone on pre-surgical intracranial EEG recordings: toward a validation of quantitative signal analysis approaches. Brain Topography. 28(6):832-837.
Andrzejak RG, Schindler K, Rummel C.  2012.  Nonrandomness, nonlinear dependence, and nonstationarity of electroencephalographic recordings from epilepsy patients. PHYSICAL REVIEW E. 86:046206. Andrzejak-PhysicalReviewE2012.pdf (1.07 MB)
Rummel C, Andrzejak RG, Schindler K.  2012.  Quantitative Analysis of Peri-Ictal Multi-Channel EEG. Epileptologie. 29:99–113.
Rummel C, Abela E, Andrzejak RG, Hauf M, Pollo C, Müller M, Weisstanner C, Wiest R, Schindler K.  2015.  Resected Brain Tissue, Seizure Onset Zone and Quantitative EEG Measures: Towards Prediction of Post-Surgical Seizure Control. PLOS ONE. 10(10):e0141023.