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Irene Malvestio

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PhD Student

Irene Malvestio was born in 1991 in Mirano (Venice), Italy. She obtained her bachelor degree in Physics from the University of Padua (2010-2013). Her master is on Theoretical Physics at the University of Padua (2013-2015). She also made a research stay for six months at the University of Bristol. Her research interests include interactions in networks of dynamics, point process signals and nonlinear time series analysis techniques. She will apply these techniques to EEG recordings from epilepsy patients. Irene joined our team as one of the PhD students hired by the Innovative Training Network - European Joint Degree project COSMOS, European Commission, Horizon 2020 program.

During her joint Phd degree work, Irene will be hosted at our group as major institution and at the University of Florence, Italy, under the supervision of Prof. Thomas Kreuz, as partner institution.