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Nonlinear Time Series Analysis Group

Welcome to the pages of the Nonlinear Time Series Analysis Group of the Department of Information and Communication Technologies, Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. 

What is our research about?

Our research is positioned at the interface between physics, neuroscience, and engineering. One of our main targets is the development of innovative nonlinear time series analysis techniques. These techniques aim to characterize dynamical systems for which nonlinearities cause a complicated temporal evolution. A further main target of our work is the application of nonlinear time series techniques to electrophysiological recordings from the brain as well as to further types of experimental signals. In recent work we furthermore use a data-driven approach to study coupled oscillator network models that show so-called chimera states. Summaries of our work is given in these talks by Ralph G. Andrzejak in 2015: Why is our nonlinear time series analysis group not linear? and 2018: Concepts and tools from nonlinear dynamics: Helpful to understand and diagnose epilepsy?


Some highlights:

How we started:

The Nonlinear Time Series Analysis Group was created by its current director Dr. Andrzejak during his tenure-track appointment at the Department of Information and Communication Technologies (2007-2011). After completion of his tenure-track, Dr. Andrzejak was hired as an associate professor at this Department (2011), which allowed him to consolidate the Nonlinear Time Series Analysis Group.